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At Big Plant Nursery, we have a wide range of ornamental trees of all shapes and sizes, deciduous and evergreen. We produce a lot of the trees ourselves, such as Ginkgo biloba cultivars, Birch trees and Japanese maples. To complement our home-grown trees, we also have a selection of fantastic trees sourced and grown in the UK. Below are listed the trees which are always in stock, but we are able to get hold of most tree species, so if there is a particular tree you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at the nursery.

Acacia dealbata, Mimosa
Acacia pravissima, Ovens Wattle
Acer platanoides `Crimson King'
Alnus glutinosa Imperialis
  Acacia dealbata 'Gaulois Astier' Acacia pravissima Acer platanoides `Crimson King' Alnus glutinosa Imperialis
  grows up to 5 metres grows 2 to 3 metres deep crimson-purple summer foliage graceful feathery foliage
  evergreen, yellow flowers bushy, dense growth fast-growing, large, round- headed tree good autumn colour
  fine, feathery foliage shrubby evergreen deep yellow flowers are carried in mid-spring neat columnar habit
Birch trees and varieties of Betula
Catalpa Aurea
Ceanothus arboreus
  Betula varieties
  grows up to 5 metres grows up to 6 metres Characteristic grows up to 4 metres Characteristic grows up to 6 metres
  over 15 varieties in stock wide, spreading habit Characteristic wide, spreading habit Characteristic masses of blue flowers
  adds height in a limited area golden yellow foliage Characteristic dark purple new growth Characteristic small evergreen tree
Cercis Forest Pansy - Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'
Cercis chinensis `Avondale'
  Characteristic grows more than 10 metres Characteristic grows up to 4 metres Characteristic dwarf weeping habit Characteristic purple-pink, pea-like flowers
  Characteristic blue/grey foliage Characteristic spreading, open habit Characteristic deep rose flowers Characteristic rich green, summer leaves
  Characteristic stately evergreen tree Characteristic stunning cerise flowers Characteristic well-drained, humus-rich soil Characteristic heart shaped leaves
Cercis siliquastrum 'Bodnant'
Cotoneaster 'Cornubia'
Cotoneaster 'Rothschildianus'
Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis, Italian Cypress
  Characteristic superb foliage Characteristic grows up to 4 metres Characteristic grows up to 4 metres Characteristic slim Mediterranean conifer
  Characteristic pink-purple flowers Characteristic semi evergreen small tree Characteristic semi evergreen small tree Characteristic evergreen and architectural
  Characteristic perfect for a patio container Characteristic red berries in autumn Characteristic yellow berries in autumn Characteristic up to 4 metres in height
Cytisus battenderi, Pineapple Broom
Eucalyptus gunnii, Cider Gum
Eucalyptus gunnii 'Azura'
Eucalyptus niphophila Snow Gum
  Characteristic grows 2 to 3 metres Characteristic evergreen Characteristic evergreen Characteristic circular young growth
  Characteristic semi-evergreen, silvery-grey Characteristic grows up to approx 2.5metres Characteristic grows up to approx 2.5metres Characteristic fast-growing evergreen
  Characteristic pineapple scented flowers Characteristic intense silver/blue leaves Characteristic intense silver/blue leaves Characteristic can be tree or shrub
Eucalyptus perriniana, Spinning Gum
Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree
Hoheria sexstylosa 'Snow White'
Ilex Aquifolium 'Nellie R Stevens'
Many different dwarf varieties
  Characteristic circular young growth Characteristic rare and unusual forms Characteristic stunning white cherry-like flowers Characteristic smooth dark glossy leaves
  Characteristic fast-growing evergreen Characteristic grafted at our nursery Characteristic evergreen green foliage Characteristic wonderful conical shape
  Characteristic can be tree or shrub Characteristic ideal for pot culture Characteristic neat pyramid shaped habit Characteristic hardy and easy to grow
Ilex castanefolia
Ilex altaclarensis 'Golden King'
Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata'
Ilex aquifolium 'J.C. van Tol'
  Characteristic chestnut shaped thick green leaves Characteristic columnar, female evergreen Characteristic columnar, female evergreen Characteristic large spreading evergreen shrub/small tree
  Characteristic conical habit, shade tolerant Characteristic bright red berries in winter Characteristic bright red berries in winter Characteristic dark, shining green leaves
  Characteristic most well drained soils Characteristic good for hedging or as a specimen Characteristic good for hedging or as a specimen Characteristic scarlet red berries in winter
Japanese maple
Laurus nobilis, Bay Tree
Liquidambar styraciflua Varieties
Liriodendron tulipifera
lots of varieties to choose from
  Characteristic small, deciduous trees Characteristic dense foliage and aromatic leaves Characteristic amazing autumn colour Characteristic fairly fast-growing
  Characteristic amazing range of colours Characteristic up to 4 metres, can be pruned Characteristic grows up to 5 metres Characteristic fully hardy
  Characteristic ideal in a pot or container Characteristic most soils except waterlogged or chalky Characteristic neat, pyramidal habit Characteristic full sun or partial shade
Magnolia grandiflora
Morus nigra, Black Mulberry
Paulownia tomentosa, Foxglove Tree
Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'
  Characteristic slow growing, rounded shape Characteristic small white spring flowers Characteristic fast growing, huge leaves Characteristic stunning bronze foliage
  Characteristic strongly scented, attracts bees Characteristic dark green to yellow leaves in autumn Characteristic amazing lilac flowers Characteristic round spreading growth habit
  Characteristic large, oval glossy leaves Characteristic fully hardy Characteristic coppice for massive leaves! Characteristic fully hardy
Pinus mugo (Dwarf Mountain Pine)
Prunus lusitanica
Prunus `Amanogawa'
Prunus pissardii
  Characteristic dwarf evergreen conifer Characteristic full sun or dappled shade Characteristic pink, fragrant flowers in late April to May Characteristic purple-leaved flowering cherry
  Characteristic year-round colour Characteristic nice winter colour Characteristic small, columnar habit Characteristic prefers an open sunny postion
  Characteristic perfect for containers Characteristic good for screens, hedges Characteristic columnar, deciduous, flowering cherry Characteristic fully hardy
Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'
Prunus serrula
Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'
Robinia Frisia, False Acacia
  Characteristic striking, rich-purple-red foliage Characteristic round-headed small deciduous tree Characteristic elegant, small, pendulous, deciduous tree Characteristic beautiful yellow foliage
  Characteristic deep rose-pink flowers Characteristic shining coppery-brown young bark Characteristic silvery, narrow, willow-like foliage Characteristic fast-growing
  Characteristic flowering cherry for the small garden Characteristic good autumn foliage colour Characteristic creamy white blossom Characteristic suitable for most situations
Quercus ilex
Salix alba 'Britzensis'
Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’
Salix Caprea 'Pendula'
  Characteristic wonderful large, evergreen trees Characteristic fantastic for winter interest Characteristic Irregular bushy habit Characteristic bright yellow furry catkins
  Characteristic slow-growing Characteristic red-barked shoots in early spring Characteristic reddish purple catkins Characteristic mid-green leaves with soft grey undersides
  Characteristic suitable for most situations Characteristic tolerant of wind and salt Characteristic suitable for coastal conditions Characteristic pendulous/weeping habit
Sambucus nigra Black Lace
Sorbus 'Autumn Spire'
Sorbus_Sorbus commixta_Olympic_Flame.html
Sorbus 'Joseph Rock'
  Characteristic intense purple black foliage Characteristic green foliage turns to reds and yellows in Autumn Characteristic excellent orange and red autumn colour Characteristic strong and distinctive shape
  Characteristic blackish red berries in autumn Characteristic white flowers in May Characteristic bright red berries in October Characteristic antastic autumn foliage colour
  Characteristic full sun or partial shade Characteristic ideal for restricted spaces Characteristic tough, hardy tree suitable for most gardens Characteristic any moist, well drained soil
Sorbus aria `Lutescens'
Sorbus vilmorinii
  Characteristic small white flowers in late spring Characteristic rowan tree of spreading habit        
  Characteristic deep red fruits later in the year Characteristic suitable for coastal planting        
  Characteristic conical when young, spreading later. Characteristic suitable for well drained soils        

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